Anna Hennerdal



Design for Stockholm Soul, a new festival, organised by Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

  • SthlmSoul1
  • SthlmSoul2
  • SthlmSoul3
  • SthlmSoul4
  • SthlmSoul5

Internationell författarscen 20 år

Concept and design for the 20th anniversary celebration of Internationell Författarscen (the Internationell Stage of Authors) at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, headed by Ingemar Fasth.

  • InternationellFörfattarscen 20år

Hilmer & Bimbam – children’s book

Illustration and book design for the children’s book Hilmer & Bimbam – grottan vid havet released in 2017.

  • BimBam_1
  • BimBam_2
  • BimBam_5b
  • BimBam_3
  • BimBam_4b

Konstklubben Haninge kommun

Logotype for Konstklubben (The Art Club) in Haninge kommun.

  • Konstklubben-Haninge-kommun

Jämlikhetsskapande integration

Cover illustration and cover design for Arena Idé report.

  • Omslag


Promotion video for the publication/catalogue CULT, released during the finissage of the exhibition CULT. The exhibition took place in the Fall of 2016 through the Spring 2017, at the Stedelijk Museum ’s-Hertogenbosch.

Blåsarsymfonikerna 110 år

Seal design to celebrate the 110th year of Blåsarsymfonikerna (the brass ensemble) at Musikaliska in Stockholm.

  • B_110_a
  • B_110_b


  • Yoga
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  • harvest

Musikaliska programmes

A selection of programmes and brochures for Musikaliska (music hall) by Nybrokajen in Stockholm.

  • 3-1
  • 2-2
  • 1-2

Konst, språk och kollisioner

Publication design.

  • 1

Orten i rörelse

Look and design for the project Orten i rörelse (The Suburb in Motion) which took place in Haninge from Spring of the 2015 through the Spring of 2016.
The aim of the project was to work towards equality in biking for kids and youth, and to create equal opportunities for young girls and boys to bike in the centre of Haninge, Handen.

  • 3
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Encounter Beyond A Dream Art Direction

Art direction for photography used in the catalogue Encounter Beyond A Dream.

Photography by Mathieu Garnier.

  • ArtDirection7
  • ArtDirection5
  • ArtDirection8
  • ArtDirection4
  • ArtDirection2
  • ArtDirection3
  • ArtDirection6

Pattern – Object – Space

Study in the connection between pattern, object and space and their effect on each other.

  • PatternInstallation_1
  • PatternInstallation_2

Encounter Beyond a Dream

End exam catalogue for the Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s jewelry design students. The exhibition design was constructed of square boxes which comes back in the grid and the catalogue design. The catalogue has a structure where there is no absolute beginning or end. In that way the viewer is in charge of how to fold it, letting it begin and end where they choose it to.

Photography in collaboration with Mathieu Garnier.

  • EncounterBeyondADream1
  • EncounterBeyondADream2
  • EncounterBeyondADream3
  • EncounterBeyondADream4
  • EncounterBeyondADream5
  • EncounterBeyondADream6
  • EncounterBeyondADream7
  • EncounterBeyondADream8
  • EncounterBeyondADream9
  • EncounterBeyondADream10
  • EncounterBeyondADream11


Logotype for the event Trombonfrossa for Musikaliska (music hall) by Nybrokajen in Stockholm.

  • Trombonfrossa_red
  • Trombonfrossa

Koll på hjärnan

Book design for the book Koll på hjärnan, a popular science book on the subject of decision making and the development of the brain in children.

The book is available from HeartMind and

  • Koll-Pa-Hjarnan

Current Obsession Paper 2

Current Obsession PAPER, a special edition of the Current Obsession Magazine dedicated to Schmuck 2015 in Munich.

Design made in collaboration with Linda Beumer.

  • CurrentObsessionPaper2_2

tbc – Alex Farrar

Book designed for artist Alex Farrar as part of his quest to do the Kippenberger Challenge, an open invitation to equal Martin Kippenberger’s average annual printed output of  7.45 books. The book shows and interprets the essence of Alex’s work tbc.

The cover reads: Inside this book, three exhibitions of the installation (tbc) have been chronologically catalogued. Every photograph of the work has been positioned according to the precise moment it was taken in the life of each iteration. To achieve this, a page has been added for every hour that (tbc) was open to the public. A greed of sixty squares further divides the page into minutes.

Designed in collaboration with Barbara Iwanicka. (Photography: Alex Farrar). 528 pages, edition of 6, signed and numbered. Visit or for more info.

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Pattern – Notes

  • Notes

Munich Jewellery Week

Identity for Munich Jewellery Week.
The logotype is developed further each year.

Design made in collaboration with Linda Beumer.

  • MJW

VolksHOTEL cards

Packaging and icons for a deck of cards designed for the hotel VolksHOTEL in Amsterdam.


  • VolksHotel


  • Cat

Alice Fine Decay

Poster and graphic design for Alice Fine Decay by the fashion label Alice Fine/Karin Bjurström.

For more info and images visit:

  • AliceFineDecay1_
  • AliceFineDecay2_

Craft & Bling Bling – FAKE

DEPOT BASEL, space for contemporary design and CURRENT OBSESSION, contemporary jewellery magazine, present a collaborative curatorial effort in the context of Depot Basel’s ongoing exhibition series ‘CRAFT &…’.For CRAFT & BLING BLING ‘FAKE’ they commissioned work by twelve jewellery makers reflecting on the subject of ‚FAKE‘ from standpoints of jewellery history, their own work mediums or contemporary art and society.

JEWELLERY MAKERS Adam Grinovich, Barbara Schrobenhauser, Edgar Mosa, Florian Milker, Florian Weichsberger, Jing He, Julia Walter (Ju Walter), Kevin Hughes, Mallory Weston, Philip Eberle, Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav, Sophie Hanagarth.

Design made in collaboration with Linda Beumer.

  • Cover_DBB
  • Index
  • CBB_3
  • CBB_2
  • CBB_4
  • CBB_5

Current Obsession PAPER

Current Obsession PAPER, a special edition of the Current Obsession Magazine dedicated to Schmuck 2014 in Munich.

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Using 4 black and white patterns, which all can be considered classics, as a starting point I set out to design new patterns.
The rules were simple: only use the excising pattern, don’t add anything else!

The project is still in progress, working from the idea of design-recycling.

  • Pattern_ros2-2
  • Pattern_ros5
  • Pattern11
  • Pattern9
  • Pattern7

Current Obsession Magazine Issue 1–3

Current Obsession Magazine is a printed, biannual magazine with focus on contemporary jewellery and its relation to different fields of art — performance, fashion, photography etc.

3rd Issue: (Out June 2014)

2nd Issue: Limited edition piece of jewelry piece in collaboration with Atelier Ted Noten.
Cover Photography by SAGEL AND KRZYKOWSKI

1st Issue: Limited edition piece of jewelry piece by Noon Passama.
Cover Photography by Rachel de Joode

Design made in collaboration with
Linda Beumer

  • Cover#3
  • issue3_1
  • issue3_2
  • issue3_4
  • issue3_5
  • issue3_3
  • issue3_6
  • Cover2
  • COissue2_2
  • COissue2_4
  • COissue2_5
  • COissue2_1
  • COissue2_3
  • COissue2_6
  • Cover1
  • Beads
  • Tallin
  • MelanieB
  • TheWayOfTheFuture
  • LinCheng

Current Obsession logotype

Logotype for the jewellery platform Current Obsession.
The first issue of the Current Obsession magazine was released in March 2013.

Design in collaboration with Linda Beumer.


  • Current Obsession logo
  • CO_logo_pattern

Masterclass – Architecture

Aimed at current bachelor’s degree students, recent graduates and professionals looking for a specialisation, this guide provides an in-depth overview of almost 30 of the world’s leading graduate schools that offer a master’s degree in architecture.

Work for FRAME Publishers.

320 pages.

  • masterclass2

A Wedge Between Private and Public

Symposium program for the two-day symposium A Wedge Between Private and Public organised by SKOR, Stichting Kunst en Openbare Ruimte, and LAPS (Lectoraat Art & Public Space Gerrit Rietveld Academie) at Trouw in Amsterdam April 2010.

The symposium created a clear connection between the theory of interactive art — often considered from the discourse of new media — and the practical aspects involved in commissions in public space. The two days were a follow-up to Research into the functioning of interactive art in semi-public space also organised by the LAPS and commissioned by SKOR.

Collaboration with Linda Beumer.

  • AWedgeBetweenPrivateAndPublic1
  • AWedgeBetweenPrivateAndPublic3
  • AWedgeBetweenPrivateAndPublic2

Het Sieraad jewelry department logotype

Logotype for Het Sieraad jewelry department.
The cutting pattern on top of lettertype is a references to the cuts of precious stones, but also refers to the craft that is present within jewelry design and the openness that excises within the jewelry department, where the concept is as important as the form.

All the material that is produced within the department, and where the logo is used, will be numbered and in that way automatically create an archive.

  • HetSieraad

DHAPS website

DHAPS (Digital Helpdesk Art and Public Space) is a digital desk for commissioning of art in the public space, developed by LAPS (Lectoraat Art and Public Space) of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. DHAPS contains practical information. It explains and illustrates how an art project comes into being commissioned and what the possibilities and pitfalls are. DHAPS also offers a database where clients can find professional mediators and art projects in public space. Additionally DHAPS shows numerous examples of successful art projects in the Netherlands.

DHAPS aim to become a broad knowledge platform for art in public space in the Netherlands, contributing to further development of commissioned art in public space and working as a platform for clients, mediators and artists to get in touch with each other and discuss aspects around the topic of  art in public space.

Design made in collaboration with Linda Beumer.

  • DHAPS_site3
  • DHAPS_site2
  • DHAPS_site1


  • Bird_mcDonalds

LAPS identity

LAPS, Lectoraat Art and Public Space, is a research group works to stimulate research into and theoretical reflection on the role of art and design in the public domain.

We developed a new name, LAPS, Lectoraat Art and Public Space, as well as logotype, stationary, business card and website (

Design made in collaboration with Linda Beumer.



  • LAPS logo
  • LAPS_businesscard
  • LAPS_envelop
  • LAPS_WithCompliments
  • LAPS_letter2
  • LAPS_letter1

LAPS website

Website developed for the organisation LAPS, Lectoraat Art and Public Space.

Design made in collaboration with Linda Beumer.

  • Laps_site
  • Laps_site1
  • Laps_site2
  • Laps_site3
  • Laps_site4
  • Laps_site5
  • Laps_site6
  • Laps_site7

Het Goeverneurplein

In relation to the finishing of the square Goeveneursplein in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, a book was designed to show the great design of the actual square, realised by the architecture firm Carve, as well as to show off the 8 different proposals that were pitched for an “alternative playground solution” for the square.

Freelance work for Roosje Klap.

  • Governoeursplein1
  • Governoeursplein3
  • Governoeursplein2
  • bokuppslag_Governoeursplein4
  • Governoeursplein5


Enter INSIDE is a new biannual magazine for the The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague’s new Master Interior Architecture INSIDE.

Developed and designed with Roosje Klap.

  • EnterINSIDE_cover
  • EnterINSIDE1
  • EnterINSIDE2
  • EnterINSIDE3
  • EnterINSIDE4
  • EnterINSIDE5
  • EnterINSIDE6
  • EnterINSIDE7
  • EnterINSIDE8
  • EnterINSIDE9
  • EnterINSIDE10
  • EnterINSIDE11
  • EnterINSIDE12
  • EnterINSIDE13
  • EnterINSIDE14
  • EnterINSIDE15
  • EnterINSIDE16
  • EnterINSIDE_back

Gerry Strawfield Yearbook

Catalogue for the school organisation Gerry Strawfield at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, including images from the Gerry Strawfield school parties, as well as lists of the graduating students and a few well chosen words of advice for the future!

The catalogue was printed in black and white and colorful confetti is used to add colour and a feeling of celebration!

  • GerryStrawfieldYearbook


  • Berg

Within and Beyond Both – Posters

Study into the qualities of, and borders between, 2D and 3D.

  • Within
  • Within2
  • Beyond
  • Beyond2

1-2-3 Jewel, catalogue Het Sieraad

Catalogue for the end exam of the jewelry department Het Sieraad at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

The catalogue introduces the reader to the work of the students in 3 steps. First through an excerpt of the students’ thesis, then through their research and finally through images of their final work(s). The later phases are visible in the background so in that way gives a hint and a broader understanding of the students’ works as well as of the department as a whole.

  • 123_jewel9
  • 123_jewel_cover
  • 123_jewel1
  • 123_jewel2

Flower Children

  • Flowers1
  • Flowers3
  • Flowers2
  • Flowers4
  • Flowers5
  • Flowers6
  • Flowers7

Edit N8 – Stadsarchief – Public exhibition/display

Amsterdam central station was for a long time under reconstruction. To make the construction site a prettier place the decision was made to use the big fences, separating the building area from the public, to show off the different museums of the city.

My design represents the The Stadsarchief/City Archive. Amsterdam is a city with strong historical presence. The architecture of the city are in many parts the same as it’s been for centuries. Other parts have gone through major changes. The Stadsarchief/City Archive carries a vast amount of historical material, amongst others photographs, in their archives. By using a photograph from Amsterdam’s past and revisiting the same part of the city today, superimposing the images on top of each other, the change, or lack of change through the ages becomes clear. One layer of time – one colour.

  • Edit
  • Edit2
  • Edit3

Hel & Hållen – Book

Illustrations as well as complete book design for the book Hel & Hållen
(Whole & Held), a book about mindful living.

Hel & hållen uses 10 basic points to help to focus on being more aware in your day to day life and finding a way to a more solid life. The core of the 10 points are also used by Swiss artists Fischli and Weiss in their work How To Work Better.
The book is written by Kerstin Hennerdal (
  • HeloHållen


Anna Hennerdal is an independent graphic designer and art director, running Studio A–Ö in Stockholm. She has experience producing work with a clear visual style; identities, publications, websites and exhibition design, as well as self initiated projects. She works for various clients in both Sweden and the Netherlands.

Anna has a degree from Hyper Island, Sweden as well as Gerrit Rietveld Academie, The Netherlands.
For collaboration, projects or more information please send an email.


T: +46 (0)70 33 11 608